F-n, Vad Hon är Ful!

D-mn, She’s Ugly! Per request, an English version follows.

En tonårstjej står på Centralen och väntar på vänner en helt vanlig fredag kväll. En grupp killar går förbi och en tittar på tjejen, pekar och ropar högt så alla kan höra: F-n, vad hon är ful! Gruppen skrattar. Tjejen är knäckt. Ordens makt. Continue reading


..Letting the flames die..

To my fellow [discouraged] minister, church planter, pioneer!

Our family enjoys going on forest hikes. Continue reading


The Talkative Introvert…

… sounds like a contradiction, wouldn’t you say? I have left my 30s and have other numbers in my age now – this last year has left me pondering – what is my personality? Continue reading


…Jesus. Period.

After a very dreary, gloomy, drizzly, grey, cloudy, foggy, perpetually hazy fall, I have felt the fatigue, the weight of the darkness. Some of it has been physical, some of it mental and some of it spiritual. Continue reading


Stuck as a Mombie…

…. how will the spell be broken!? Firstborn is now 13, The Girl 11 and Boy Bear is already 6.5. I have no toddlers in the house, other than a 11 month old Yorkshire terrier puppy names Yoda. Yet I’m still a Mombie… Continue reading


You Theme, I Theme, We all scream… For a New Theme!

Summer is pretty much over… Fall is peeking from around the corner and I need a new design aka a new theme  for this blog!
Really though, I need to write on this blog… maybe a theme about choosing a new theme? My old theme was Matala, now ta daa here is FICTIVE, do you like it? Continue reading