…Jesus. Period.

After a very dreary, gloomy, drizzly, grey, cloudy, foggy, perpetually hazy fall, I have felt the fatigue, the weight of the darkness. Some of it has been physical, some of it mental and some of it spiritual.

I have walked with Jesus for a long time. I love him, I know he loves me. But due to many circumstances and situations, I have felt abandoned, lonely, slightly confused by many prayers unanswered right now.

I sought wisdom from some fellow female ministers and just hearing their journeys, I was encouraged – I am not abandoned, I am not alone, and in Christ there is no confusion but clarity above all.

One dear lady, Jodi, shared these wonderful words that she had scribbled into her journal a month before.

“When the journey is too long…Jesus.
When the weight is too heavy…Jesus.
When the questions keep coming but the answers do not…Jesus.
When worries chase and peace eludes…Jesus.
When others turn away and loneliness lurks in every
When, in every way, I am not enough and life is too much and
heaven is too far…Jesus.
When doubt loses its grip and trust holds on…Jesus.
When laughter bubbles up and joy seeps in…Jesus.
When darkness is chased into a small corner by the holy brilliance
of an unrelenting light…Jesus.
When friends draw near and hearts embrace…Jesus.
When hope stands on tiptoe and looks into the face of God…Jesus.
Jesus, in all of life. Jesus, is all of life.”


…Jesus. Period. I will hang on. The sun will peek from behind the clouds. The SON has me. And he has YOU!

From my heart to yours…

10 thoughts on “…Jesus. Period.

  1. Jodi D says:

    I love your honest heart, Kat…and you sure have a way with words. You captured how so many of us (including this girl!) feel more often than we let on. The world needs what you have to say so please, keep writing. And thanks for including my “journaling prose” piece in your post–I’m honored. We’re in this together, friend, and I’m cheering you on!

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