Stuck as a Mombie…

…. how will the spell be broken!? Firstborn is now 13, The Girl 11 and Boy Bear is already 6.5. I have no toddlers in the house, other than a 11 month old Yorkshire terrier puppy names Yoda. Yet I’m still a Mombie…

Firstborn was what people would call ‘an easy baby’. Yes, he had problems latching on in the beginning and it took all kinds of Medela gadgets to teach him to nurse properly, but he was so even tempered, slept 6 hours a night at 7 weeks, he was content and smiley, ate and slept on a a schedule, easy to bring everywhere type of baby. In fact, when he was one year old, we thought “Wow, this is easy, let’s have another!” Of course, reason said we were crazy and we waited another six months to try and conceive.

Then The Girl came. The kids love hearing about their birth stories. Firstborn came out with a gentle, quiet cry and The Girl came out with a vengeance screaming her lungs out, a passionate, an artistic free spirit, ate, slept, ate even more whenever she needed to. Two different personalities already in the making.

By the time our pretty, blue eyed daughter was two, I had turned into a Mombie. Still full of hope during the days, then the nights came, the night terrors. Finally at three and a half years of age, she was sleeping though the night. To keep things exciting, baby fever set in and a year later we welcomed Boy Bear. Quick labor, no drugs, content, yet very spirited, funny, talkative and wild, co sleeping snuggly kind of guy.

And this mom, now in her mid thirties remained a Mombie.

Kids are bigger now, maturer now, very self sufficient, blossoming into awesome people. Mom remains tired. Coffee is gulped.

The puppy likes to come into the parent bed in the middle of the night.

Are YOU a Mombie?

Sleepily yours, Kat

Enjoy this hilarious video by Vintage Marquee Lights! ๐Ÿ˜€

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