The Talkative Introvert…

… sounds like a contradiction, wouldn’t you say? I have left my 30s and have other numbers in my age now – this last year has left me pondering – what is my personality? It seems like most people are very sure of who they are and how they are, they easily identify themselves with a group. Then there is us. The weirdos that fit here, there, everywhere… and totally nowhere!

I love people, love hanging out [come on, drinking coffee with people is my hobby] and I even like attention. But then there’s the other side: making courtesy visits, staying just so long, eating my hors-d’oeuvres in a corner at a party, speaking in front of a crowd then withdrawing to another room to gaze into a fresh cup of coffee.

I have been processing these thoughts this past year, presenting my hubby with some of these variations. HAHA. Poor guy!

An Introverted Extrovert?

An Extroverted Introvert?

What am I? Because I am definitely not an introvert… nor a full-blown extrovert… Can a person be both?

THEN, just recently, I found this fun article that pretty much describes what I have been trying to explain. I am not alone. YES!

How about you? Do you lean heavily into a certain personality type?
Or are you struggling with contradictions also? ๐Ÿ™‚

Talkatively Yours [when I want to], Kat

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