In Christ Alone…

…I had an all in all crappy day!

I’m coming down with a cold [you know, that coughing, sneezing, aching kind] and on top of that I’m pms’ing like there is no tomorrow = disaster! Continue reading



TMI – also know as Too Much Information.

Most people write this when they are about to share just that – TOO much information… more information than anyone should really know. Or, maybe it’s something we read or heard and find that we just received just a that – TOO much information… Continue reading

What’s for Dinner?

I’m really bad at planning dinners!

I know that if I did, I’d save money, time, sanity, you know, all those important things a woman needs. The fast-food temptation is always lurking behind the corner (literally since those places are behind each corner). But, I avoided temptation and looked into my fridge instead. Continue reading

Chopsticks… a lesson in humility!

Last week I had a lunch date with a new[ish] friend – I’m thinking she is a bosom friend in the making. Those are hard to find when you are a grown up! It has happened that we have eaten, chatted and found out that 3 hours has passed! What I like the most about her is the level of transparency we can share, how we can be honest in our pain and in our joy, how we can laugh and shed tears within minutes and how we can sit quietly for a long time without it feeling uncomfortable. Continue reading