Oh wait, the world is NOT coming to an end!

Ooops, my bad! Didn’t want anyone to get nervous there! 😉

In the last two weeks, we attended Christmas parties and I had a lot of wheat and last weekend my joints were hurting so bad that we decided to bite bullet and start turning out household gluten free. Continue reading


A few years ago, 2006 to be exact, my dear mother-in-law [and yes, she is a dear one], got Hubby and I “The Low-Carb Bible” for Christmas. I was a little surprised, was she was wanting tell me something, was it a hint? I was not looking to lose weight. I did ask her last year about it [kind of jokingly] and she claimed that she thought the recipes had looked delicious. Okay then. I believe her. Continue reading

What’s for Dinner?

I’m really bad at planning dinners!

I know that if I did, I’d save money, time, sanity, you know, all those important things a woman needs. The fast-food temptation is always lurking behind the corner (literally since those places are behind each corner). But, I avoided temptation and looked into my fridge instead. Continue reading