Save the world!

There is a song that I absolutely love – the original is by Swedish House Maffia, but I really like the cover Samuel Gajicki of Royal Radio did! While making a video montage of being young in Sweden, I played the song so many times that my 3.5 year old Boy Bear was singing it! Continue reading

Java in the morning…

…had kind of an epiphany [I know, a very big word for what’s coming] a couple of days ago. This blog is called javainthemorning, yet I had ONE, Uno, Yksi, Eins, Ett, Ichi, 1 post about coffee! How did that happen? 😉

I promise, I do LOVE coffee. Continue reading

Happy Candy Day!

The last 4 falls we have been abroad so the kids where extra excited to part-take in Trick or Treating this year. Since we been away so long I had to ask people on FB when kids go out for their candy-hunt. The consensus was at dusk. We decided to wait for the first kid[s] to show up at our house and when they did, MAN, our kids got excited. They couldn’t get out the door fast enough. Continue reading

Mirror, Mirror on the wall…

When did fake teeth, plastic foreheads, bloated lips, enhanced boobs, removed ribs, eyes without laugh wrinkles, hair extensions etc become the beauty ideal?
Why do we let Hollywood decide what is considered beautiful? Is only youth desirable? Talk to me…

“Me pee, me pee”

Ah, those sweet words are MUSIC to my ears!

For about a month now, we have been putting Boy Bear on the potty. Nope, we have not been potty training [officially], just putting him on the Baby Björn potty every other hour or so, he has gone number one each time and number two every couple of days. There has been only a couple of mishaps. Continue reading

The [un]touchables…

….no more!

The Story of the Pukies!

It’s that time a year, [stomach] flu season. It happens every year, around the world, in many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many… ok, you get the drift… in many homes. Now this family, get’s colds, coughs, runny noses, headaches, regular stuff, but the stomach flu usually passes us. And when it has come, usually only one or two people have gotten sick. Continue reading