F-n, Vad Hon är Ful!

D-mn, She’s Ugly! Per request, an English version follows.

En tonårstjej står på Centralen och väntar på vänner en helt vanlig fredag kväll. En grupp killar går förbi och en tittar på tjejen, pekar och ropar högt så alla kan höra: F-n, vad hon är ful! Gruppen skrattar. Tjejen är knäckt. Ordens makt. Continue reading

Happy Candy Day!

The last 4 falls we have been abroad so the kids where extra excited to part-take in Trick or Treating this year. Since we been away so long I had to ask people on FB when kids go out for their candy-hunt. The consensus was at dusk. We decided to wait for the first kid[s] to show up at our house and when they did, MAN, our kids got excited. They couldn’t get out the door fast enough. Continue reading

The [un]touchables…

….no more!

The Story of the Pukies!

It’s that time a year, [stomach] flu season. It happens every year, around the world, in many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many… ok, you get the drift… in many homes. Now this family, get’s colds, coughs, runny noses, headaches, regular stuff, but the stomach flu usually passes us. And when it has come, usually only one or two people have gotten sick. Continue reading


TMI – also know as Too Much Information.

Most people write this when they are about to share just that – TOO much information… more information than anyone should really know. Or, maybe it’s something we read or heard and find that we just received just a that – TOO much information… Continue reading

Chopsticks… a lesson in humility!

Last week I had a lunch date with a new[ish] friend – I’m thinking she is a bosom friend in the making. Those are hard to find when you are a grown up! It has happened that we have eaten, chatted and found out that 3 hours has passed! What I like the most about her is the level of transparency we can share, how we can be honest in our pain and in our joy, how we can laugh and shed tears within minutes and how we can sit quietly for a long time without it feeling uncomfortable. Continue reading


We love LEGO’s at our house!

We have pirate LEGOs, we have Atlantis LEGOs, we have city LEGOs, and dude, do we have Star Wars LEGOS!  There are LEGOs in the designated LEGO boxes, there are LEGOs under the couch, there are LEGOs in the van, there are LEGOs in my purse, there are LEGOs in… um, the laundry? Continue reading