We have the pox!

The chicken pox that is!

If you read my Happy [lonely] New Year! post, you might remember that my nephew, my little brothers son, ended up with chicken pox on Christmas day.

I really had not thought about chicken pox much until then. Chicken pox is not fun, I know that from experience because I had one of the “worse cases” [quoting my pediatrician] when I was  three and half years old. Continue reading

Slooo…oo…oow Cooking!

I have this bad habit of making chicken breasts into jerky due to a few different reasons, mainly a fear of salmonella, but these other ones too:

  1. I have fear of chicken juice a k a salmonella.
  2. Due to the fear of this chicken juice, I first slice up the chicken breast. Continue reading


A few years ago, 2006 to be exact, my dear mother-in-law [and yes, she is a dear one], got Hubby and I “The Low-Carb Bible” for Christmas. I was a little surprised, was she was wanting tell me something, was it a hint? I was not looking to lose weight. I did ask her last year about it [kind of jokingly] and she claimed that she thought the recipes had looked delicious. Okay then. I believe her. Continue reading