Java in the morning…

…had kind of an epiphany [I know, a very big word for what’s coming] a couple of days ago. This blog is called javainthemorning, yet I had ONE, Uno, Yksi, Eins, Ett, Ichi, 1 post about coffee! How did that happen? 😉

I promise, I do LOVE coffee. There is nothing like that first cup of coffee in the morning. The warmth of the cup as your fingers cradle it and bring it up to your lips. That first sip, like smooth velvet in your mouth, that comforts you, and let’s you know that everything will be alright! Mmmmm….

We grind our coffee each morning. You have to do it to get that perfect cup of coffee. Currently we are drinking Caribou Coffee’s Caribou Blend. It’s a nice middle of the road roast, nothing extreme. In Sweden we always buy ZOEGA’s Blue Java. Wow, now that is some awesome velvety coffee. Some of my favorite roasting companies include Alakef, Arco, Reality Roasters etc. Starbucks? So overrated.. Check out some of the little guys! One day I hope to try some home roasting! Oooh, that’s going to be fun.

My mornings start with a cup of coffee and a banana. [ This usually AFTER I have strangl… err… I mean wrangle kids out of bed, made sure they eat breakfast, get into clothes and get out the door for school]. Maybe this is why this java time is so special because I save myself for the time I have the coffee alone, in silence. It’s beautiful. [Of course, meanwhile Boy Bear is ready to go and will be talking my ear off, but a moment, is just that – A MOMENT].

I believe God created those coffee plants and put them in a special, easily accessible, location in the garden of Eden. He created us to enjoy life to the fullest, He created us to have a longing to be with other people, He created children, He created nights, the kids that [because of the fall] would end up keeping us up at night, and he created mornings, the sunshine and coffee for us to be able to survive! Thanks, God! 😀

Well, my banana is waiting to be inhaled!

What are some of your breakfast must-haves?

Coffeely yours, Kat

One thought on “Java in the morning…

  1. Wow, that was a great post. I love the pic.
    Oatmeal with brown sugar, breakfast of champions.

    I know exactly what you meant when you describe the ‘velvet’ of the coffee.

    Brew some up!

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