“Me pee, me pee”

Ah, those sweet words are MUSIC to my ears!

For about a month now, we have been putting Boy Bear on the potty. Nope, we have not been potty training [officially], just putting him on the Baby Björn potty every other hour or so, he has gone number one each time and number two every couple of days. There has been only a couple of mishaps.

NOT potty training has been great because it’s been pressure free. I’m tired of defeat and feeling like I’m winging parenting, motherhood and all that fun stuff most days. Tired of not excelling. Tired of lacking bragging rights. Tired of forgetting that there are things like potty training that one should do.

Today, Boy Bear ran to me, shouting: Me pee, me pee! Took me a second to understand he meant he actually needed to pee.

I think it’s pretty good for a kid who is not potty training. That same kid who also is not potty training wakes up with a dry pull-up every morning. Yeah, I’m bragging.




4 thoughts on ““Me pee, me pee”

  1. people used to bring their kids to me for PTing… it’s all about consistency. I had daycare kids that were in undies at my house M-F but wet their diapers on the weekend w/ mom & dad. :/

    My kids trained themselves… but to STAY trained, we had to really keep asking all the time! We started too early with the first, bc he seemed sooo into it. But a few months later after NOT training, he trained himself!! (& his brothers did too, by watching HIM) – What had changed besides age?? He finally figured out it was WAYYYY easier to do it standing like Dad & so we threw out the little potty & bought him a step to stand on instead! LOL

  2. Yeah, consistency is the magic word isn’t it! Living in a cold climate both here in the US and in Scandinavia has left us with fairly small windows to potty train. Both Firstborn and The Girl were trained during “warmer” months. Wet snowsuits – no thanks! :p That said, we started Boy Bear in January, but kept a pull-up as undies because like I said: Wet snowsuits – NO THANKS! LOL! Of course, he never had accidents! Of the feeling of success! …Diaper days are done at our house… Feels kind of weird!

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