The [un]touchables…

….no more!

The Story of the Pukies!

It’s that time a year, [stomach] flu season. It happens every year, around the world, in many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many… ok, you get the drift… in many homes. Now this family, get’s colds, coughs, runny noses, headaches, regular stuff, but the stomach flu usually passes us. And when it has come, usually only one or two people have gotten sick.

I don’t know if it’s something to take pride in, but I have felt pride and much relief when all other families are sick with the pukies, but ours. We have almost been untouchable when it’s come to this.

But no more… Oh no, this week ALL of us have been sick.

:::next is not for the faint of heart so stop reading if it’s you:::

It all started a week ago during the night to Sunday. Our Firstborn walked into our room, waking us up with a loud: DAD! [Whew, good it wasn’t MOM!]. “I peed and then I threw up!”. Both hubby and I jumped up [1.5 hour into our sleep cycles], and found his puke on the bathroom floor. Oh the stench!

Hubby cleaned. I set up camp for the boys outside the bathroom. Yes, we are that kind of fam, we sleep outside the bathroom. Paranoia?

Firstborn spent the night doing you know what. I think we slept about another 1.5 hours each. Firstborn then spent Sunday feverish on the couch. I kept him home on Monday recovering. [There is also that courtesy of not going in public at least 24 hours after the last ‘episode’].

That night, the night to Tuesday, we were awoken by The Girl, the same way we had been by Firstborn: DAD! Except she was shouting from her room. We ran into her room, seeing a pukie pie all over her rug and sheets and bed skirt and… ok, you get the dirft… Hubby started cleaning, I started laundry, it was not even 2am.

At this time Boy Bear started crying in his sleep and got up and wanted to sleep in our bed. The Girl was tired and wanted to rest. I made camp for her outside the,… YES the downstairs bathroom. I decided to sleep a few feet away from her on the living room couch.[I’m too old to sleep on a camping mattress on the floor mwa ha haa].

Adrenaline. No sleep. 30 mins later I hear something from upstairs, Boy Bear had thrown up in our bed. It was on the sheets and on the mattress cover of our Tempur Pedic mattress. Thank GOD we got that mattress cover. I get more laundry going and Hubby makes camp for them outside the upstairs bathroom.

And so the night went on, our two youngest, with us in tow running in and out of bathrooms every 30 to 45 mins. You know, there is nothing like brushing your sweet daughters hair and putting it up in a ponytail while she is caressing the toilet. 😉

Both kids spent the day on the couch, feverish, sleeping and watching movies. I kept The Girl from school one extra day.

Fast forward a couple of days to Friday night. Hubby ends up being sick with the icky’s all night long. At least he didn’t create any laundry. Ha ha. He then slept all of Saturday.

Saturday night, the night to Sunday, I slept very poorly. In my sleep I kept thinking: Uh oh! Oh no! I feel sick! But, the iron woman as I am, I fought the icky’s during the night and didn’t go for it until the morning. What a Sunday! How horrible is the stomach flu, seriously!

So, after a week of sickness. Here’s a friendly community service announcement!

Please DO wash your hands not only after bathroom visits, but also when you come home from being in public and before cooking.

Please DO stay home when sick and please DO stay home that extra 24 hours episode free.

Here’s to health and strength to all of you,


One question that I’m left with after this experience is: How do people with a lot of kids do it? Or how do single parents cope and survive? Seriously, that was a question on my mind. I mean, going through this with 3 kids and 2 adults was an ordeal in itself. Whew!


One thought on “The [un]touchables…

  1. Seriously,

    This is a crazy recount of the last few days! Its so funny to see the broad scope of the week, wow!
    I’m going to wash my hands right now! Yikes!

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