You can do iiiiiit!

In the movie “Waterboy” there is a guy who randomly yells out: You can do iiit!

I want you to know, that whatever it is that you are hoping to do: You can do IT!

I had the privilege to spend the weekend in Padova, Italy and while there a colleague of mine ask if I wanted to learn how to knit! I know I have learned basic knitting in elementary school and I have a sister in law, who buys wool, colors, spins, knits and all that fun stuff, but it’s not “my thing”.

One of the reasons I have found myself avoiding knitting [now that I’m a mature grown up] is fear. I know it sounds ridiculous, but here’s the thing: Instead of starting with the simple stuff, I get overwhelmed by not knowing how to knit a whole multi-colored, multi-pattered sweater!


The same weekend, I noticed that another colleague had lost A LOT of weight. [over 80lbs and still going, after maxing out at almost 300lbs]. Everyone wanted to know how he did it and over dinner he told us how he jogs almost every day up to 30 kilometers [almost 19 miles] a week. On Saturdays he jogs 13km!

Now a person, could easily get overwhelmed by the thought that they need to lose 80lbs and that to do that they need to jog 13 kilometers. Now, my friend, did this guy start with jogging that far? No! He told us the very first time he went out, he walked 4 minutes and jogged 1 minute [yes, ONE minute] !


So, here’s a picture of my very first scarf. Don’t laugh. I think I’m at 4 or 5 rows. Some parts are very tight and some are very loose. But I’m going to do it. I’ll post a photo when I’m done.

Knittin’ away, Kat


4 thoughts on “You can do iiiiiit!

  1. Yes, you can do it! And it’s so much fun when you get past the thing with the changes between loose and tight rows. Handicraft should look hand made, so just stick to it and enjoy what your hands are creating!

  2. ohhh, you have to teach me when you master knitting! I have wanted to learn for years and have bought books, but have just never stuck with it! Pretty color for your scarf!

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