We have the pox!

The chicken pox that is!

If you read my Happy [lonely] New Year! post, you might remember that my nephew, my little brothers son, ended up with chicken pox on Christmas day.

I really had not thought about chicken pox much until then. Chicken pox is not fun, I know that from experience because I had one of the “worse cases” [quoting my pediatrician] when I was  three and half years old. I don’t remember having it – I thank God that he helps us, by us not remembering physical agony and pain when we don’t actually have it.  But I have lived my whole life with the proof that I had it – just this last year I attempted to count the chicken pox scars on my face and I lost count at 16!! That’s a lot!!

Fast forward from the 70’s to this decade: My two oldest received Chicken pox vaccinations when they were little so I had no concerns that they would get it. We were just waiting to see if Boy Bear would get it. One and a half weeks later [counting from Christmas] Firstborn, our nine and half year old, woke up with a headache, he spent the day on our daybed. He would beg to play Wii only to stand up for a few minutes and then go back to bed. Then he got a fever and by evening he had a handful of spots on his back and front. It took me a minute to put 1 and 1 together. I was actually quite shocked, but after consulting several medical pages, Ifound out that the kids should have had booster shots. Really? We must have missed that one. Oops!

Firstborn got blessed [probably due to the previous vaccination] and survived his episode without too much suffering.

Well, two days after Firstborns first spots, Boy Bear was dragging himself around not acting in his typical laid-back way. He was whiny and clingy, and then feverish, and later that evening, spottish! The last 6 days have definitely stretching none the less. In Boy Bears suffering, we as parents have suffered too. There was a night when he drifted in and out of sleep and by 4am was so miserable that hubby and I got up and gave him some liquid anti-histamine, a bath and put more cooling mousse on him. He fell asleep only to wake up an hour later crying, wiggling around in misery. This was during my watch – my half of the night. I was so tired, all I could do was to pray [or beg] Jesus to ease my sons situation. Boy Bear cried, I prayed. Please, Jesus, I know you can heal through your power. I know this to be true even in my life. Grant favor and help my son relax!

….At this point I was so tired that I would just say: Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Jesus! And it happened. A supernatural peace entered that room – He fell asleep and he fell into a deep, restful sleep and continued to sleep almost to 10am! THANK YOU, JESUS!

Someone who I shared this with, wondered if it just wasn’t that he was so exhausted that he fell asleep. My reply was: Nope, I know my kid, it was the prayer! [My kids are very resilient, they have never fallen asleep eating or while watching a movie like other kids do… haha…].

Most of his spots are now scabs, so in a few days this all will be a distant memory. Woo hoo, paaarty!

Speaking of partying, “someone” is partying upstairs at 9:20pm! Care to guess who?

Here’s to sleep,


Here’s a couple of photos of me in 1978:


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