Slooo…oo…oow Cooking!

I have this bad habit of making chicken breasts into jerky due to a few different reasons, mainly a fear of salmonella, but these other ones too:

  1. I have fear of chicken juice a k a salmonella.
  2. Due to the fear of this chicken juice, I first slice up the chicken breast.
  3. Then I ‘cook’ the chicken in water [in the pan].
  4. After that I fry it up along with spices.
  5. Then I flip the breasts over and season some more.
  6. Voila…. It’s Jerky…. even when I don’t mean to serve jerky…

So, I decided to try something to overcome this fear of the chicken juice and the Ooooo-so scary salmonella – I slow cooked today’s chicken breasts in the oven. I think they were in about an hour. I didn’t slice them, shred them, nothing, just let them beauties be. In the last five minutes I seasoned the top of the chicken breasts with some chili, black pepper and garlic.

The result, a juice, tasty, wonderful chicken!

The chicken was served with a side of oven roasted sweet potatoes and zucchini AND a side salad of course! My dear daughter sliced up some lemons and made our glasses of water pretty!

Really, I don’t know what is happening to me… I even had an apron on! I’m scaring myself!

Please enjoy your meal and your family today!   /Kat


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