Have a Shutterfly Christmas!

I’m sitting here, with my coffee in hand, the Christmas tree is decorated, our house is cleaned and the Christmas tunes are playing. It’s been snowing for days and outside my window is a beautiful winter wonderland. With my wool socks on my feet and with the candles burning, I feel the warmth and comfort that Christmas time can bring.

This is the “good” side of Christmas. Then there is the “bad” or the “wrong” side of Christmas. The stress, the hype, the frenzy – The man-made misery.

Well, this Christmas I’m not going to be sucked into that.

One way to avoid the craziness is ordering your Christmas cards from Shutterfly [in peace, at home]. This year they have a bunch of awesome designs to choose from. Whether you like ultra modern or traditional, they have it all. Snowflakes, candy cane stripes, green and red, funny and classy! I’m feeling like an excited kid in a candy store!

I’m personally leaning towards something like Merry Modern Collage or Good Blessings!

Which one is your favorite?

Peacefully yours… Me


2 thoughts on “Have a Shutterfly Christmas!

  1. Just ordered my 50 free cards! I actually picked a folded card that was just a photo on the front…but I created my own card and just saved the entire image as the photo that I uploaded. I wanted to get “God Jul” on the front and didnt see any that said that, so this was the workaround! ha! Have fun!

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