Crayons and laundry…

So… Boy Bear is turning out to be an artist!

He wants to draw [or chtraa as he says it] all the time.

He likes to have a crayon behind his ear and he likes to have crayons in his pocket. He draws on assigned papers that he has been given, he draws on The Girl’s and Firstborn’s homework, he draws on books he finds, and he draws on mail. Now, to defend him, he draws “pretty” – as in, small circles and lines, nothing big!

My mom has told me that I have to assign him a spot – like the kitchen table – and that he needs to learn that the table is the only place we draw at. He also needs to learn that he is only allowed to draw on paper, like a drawing pad that belongs to him. I guess, he needs to learn that he can’t decorate the radiator either?

I know it might sound horrible, but I’m fairly laid-back about this “artistry” happening in our home currently. And trust me, I’m not THAT laid-back about things like this, but I don’t know, there is something so amazing about him wanting to draw all the time.

And it’s not like I tell him “go ahead”, I do tell him “NO!” and all that, it just hasn’t fully registered with him. He is 2.

Now, unfortunately, one of those crayons [remember the ones he likes to have in his pocket] ended up in the laundry. And it did not only end up in the laundry, but in the dryer as well. I started folding the clothes and noticed some blue on Boy Bear’s shirt. My first thought was: Aww, he drew on his shirt! But then I noticed that there was blue markings on several clothes.

Argh, this is not Boy Bear’s fault – this is entirely MY fault! I’m the one who does the laundry and I’m the one who didn’t check his pockets! Trust me though, I am laying down the law after this… and I will be checking pockets better from now on!

WAIT… Baby Boy is on the couch with an apple! … Got to run!!!


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