Chopsticks… a lesson in humility!

Last week I had a lunch date with a new[ish] friend – I’m thinking she is a bosom friend in the making. Those are hard to find when you are a grown up! It has happened that we have eaten, chatted and found out that 3 hours has passed! What I like the most about her is the level of transparency we can share, how we can be honest in our pain and in our joy, how we can laugh and shed tears within minutes and how we can sit quietly for a long time without it feeling uncomfortable. What I also like about her is that she likes food, like I do!

Last week we decided to try out a new place, well, new to us that is. It was a Chinese Tea Room. The first chuckles were due to us not knowing how to drink the tea. We both ordered dumplings and more chuckles arrived when we realized that the only utensils offered were chopsticks.

We looked at each other, laughing, with the question on our lips: Do you know how to use these things?

Well, we survived an excellent lunch with some dumplings splashing into the soy sauce and some chopsticks landing on the floor!

I would say that both of us are fairly cultured and educated, have good manners and are pretty well-rounded people, but this with chopsticks… Yeah…. Enough said.

I guess a little humility is good for one.


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