We love LEGO’s at our house!

We have pirate LEGOs, we have Atlantis LEGOs, we have city LEGOs, and dude, do we have Star Wars LEGOS!  There are LEGOs in the designated LEGO boxes, there are LEGOs under the couch, there are LEGOs in the van, there are LEGOs in my purse, there are LEGOs in… um, the laundry?

One poor guy ended up in the washer! Well, he is clean now!


4 thoughts on “LEGO, my LEGO!

  1. thinker bell says:

    We have a lot of LEGO on the floor in my son’s room. That’s not a problem for him but I dread the day when he gets sick… You know, stomach flu… I don’t know why I can picture the scene when he throws up all over the floor and the precious LEGOs. So my question is: how do you clean a set of small LEGO (not Duplo, which would be much easier)? Can I put LEGO in the washer? The smallest pieces are a problem.

    • admin says:

      It’s fun stepping on a Lego! Nooot!

      Are you wondering about how to wash those tiny LEGO’s in case your son throws up on them?
      I guess, you could put them in a “bra-bag”, you know, one of those net-bags that you wash your bras in?

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